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20th May - 30th June


Embark in a 2200km snowkite adventure with one of the world’s leading polar experts, Dixie Dansercoer. This incredible journey across the vast Greenlandic ice cap from South to North takes about 30 to 40 days to complete from Narsarsuaq to Qaanaaq depending on wind and weather. The expedition leader Dixie will check all equipment thoroughly before setting off. Once through the lows in Southern Greenland, with the help of your kites you will be able to take advantage of the katabatic winds of the ice caps.So it begins, glide effortlessly for hundreds of kilometres. As you can imagine, this expedition requires a good understanding of snowkiting. Before embarking on this formidable adventure, you can always learn to snowkite on one of our numerous different available destinations.  At this time of year temperatures can drop to -20°C and winds can be strong, preventing progression. Meaning that above the immense physical effort that this memorable adventure will require, genuine team spirit and group cohesion will be at the forefront to insure a successful expedition. Finally once you have reached your end destination Qaanaaq, snowkite amongst the Inuit sled dogs is an unforgettable experience. A few days of pre-preparation will need to be arranged with Dixie before setting off.


All inclusive


25 000€

30-40 days
Excluding international flights

Program strong points:

  • Meet Dixie Dansercoer one of the world’s leading polar guides
  • Total immersion in a preserved and wild natural environment
  • A surreal adventure that goes above and beyond any physical challenge.
  • Ideal for contemplation and reflection.
  • Guaranteed departure once 3 participants are found with a maximum of 5.


Your journey starts in the South of Greenland as logistics are easier and the weather conditions more favourable as East and West katabatic winds are more frequent than opposite. Once in Narsarsuaq equipment is checked down to the last detail. A helicopter will then drop you at the ice cap at the starting point of the expedition some thirty kilometers further on. With your pulkas weighing 60/70 kg, you set off for a journey of 2,200 km. To put this journey into perspective you will have kite same distance that links Madrid to Prague. A month-long ordeal if winds are favourable.

Once on the way, as soon as you start feeling the effects of the katabatic winds, progression becomes sheer magic as your kites pulls you forward effortlessly. With favourable winds you can cover up to 150km in a single day.  However, with 30/40 km/h gusts you can cover double the distance in 10 hours. Moreover, as you can imagine, on days without wind or, on the contrary, in stormy conditions, the group shall make no headway at all. An average of 70 km per day seems fairly realistic.

At some point during your expedition you will need to turn West and leave the ice cap at Qaanaaq (Thule) to reach the small village of Siorapaluk where you will meet the Inuits your first signs of civilization since departure. The famous abandoned Dye 2 American army base, dating from the cold war, will be on your way !

There may be no wind for several days consecutively. Patience, team spirit and group cohesion are then essential for a successful expedition. Temperatures can drop to -20 or -30°C and storms can make all progress impossible. Acclimatisation to the cold, to physical exertion, etc is key. This is where the know-how and experience of Dixie comes into its own. He has guided many participants to the North and South poles and, himself, has covered tens of thousands of kilometres by snowkiting in the Antarctic and Greenland.

Applicants will need a background of kitesurfing, skiing and some knowledge of snowkiting. A 3-day prep course with Dixie is required. As for snowkiting experience we recommend going on one of our other available destinations.

For more information about the preparation course and the day by day program get in touch !

Last year expedition (FRENCH)

snowkite expedition

Dixie Dansercoer

At 55 years of age, Dixie Dansercoer brings his unique knowledge of the poles, which he has reached many times. Belgian and specialist in Polar Regions, he has led numerous expeditions and conducted “world firsts”, solo or in tandem.

With the Belgian polar explorer Alain Hubert (designer of the Belgian station Elisabeth Antarctic), Dixie crossed Antarctica in the winter of 1997, a world first in terms of distance and the use of kite skiing for this type of expedition: 99 days for a distance of 3,924 km.

They both leave for the European Space Agency (ESA) on a mission to measure Antarctica’s snow cover in order to calibrate and verify the measurements of the European satellite Cryostat.

In 2007, they left on a unique journey from the Arctic Cape in Siberia all the way to Greenland via the Pole: 55 days to the North Pole and then 51 days to Greenland. A new world record.

Recently, between November 2011 and February 2012, Dixie beat the world record for the longest Antarctic expedition without supplies and without motorized assistance with Sam Deltour: 74 days on the ice and a distance of 5,013 km. Even more recently, in April-May 2014, with the Canadian Eric McNair-Landry, he was the first to complete the tour of the Greenland ice cap by ski kiting for 55 days.

Dixie is one of the few worldwide guides accredited “Master Guide” by the International Polar Guides Association. He frequently leads participants towards the North Pole, the South Pole and elsewhere in Antarctica like in Queen Maud Territory. Author of a unique and useful book, Polar Exploration: A practical handbook for North and South Pole expeditions, Dixie is an exceptional athlete, explorer and educator.

He brings to the expedition his unique guiding proficiency and his warm-heartedness, all of which increase the chances of a successful expedition.

Co-founder of EXPEDITIONS UNLIMITED, Dixie can build with us any ambitious expedition in the Arctic, Antarctica or Greenland.

Dixie is a volunteer ambassador for UNICEF.

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