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Unforgettable journeys. Breathtaking places

We at snowkitesensation.com have been practising snowkiting/kitesurfing for over 15 years. The whole idea of establishing a travel agent specialised in this magic sport came from various discussions with our fellow kitesurfers friends. We realised that there was a real interest in discovering this unknown discipline and that creating a snowkite travel agent company would only increase awareness for this adventurous sport. Snowkiting is still a very small niche (maybe 1%?) of the kitesurfing community. But with kitesurfing ever growing there is no reason why snowkiting will not follow.

So if you are a decent skier/snowboarder and you already master your kite on sea, you are good to go for amazing experiences. We personally practice both sports and we can certainly ascertain that snowkiting offers more thrilling experiences than kitesurfing: trekking in snow deserts with amazing landscapes with no one around except for wild animals (reindeers, elks, etc.), higher jumps (especially when you go downhill), powder skiing, frozen lake skiing. You will be amazed how fast you can go uphill in good wind conditions. Typically, you can trek about 50km a day, going back to your starting point or reaching a mountain refuge destination for the night. You can use your traditional sea kites or land kites that are smaller and lighter to carry as you will typically take two kites on treks. We recommend skis for long treks but snowboarding works just fine too.

We have tested all packages that we currently sell as “current packages” and they are all amazing. All the ones in Scandinavia offer very good wind conditions with very few days without wind. In case of no wind, not to worry there are typically many other substitute activities (cross-country skiing, skiing in the nearby ski resort, sledging, skidoos, etc.). So you could even take your non kiting partner/children with you. If you want to practice before you go on a Scandinavian trekking holiday we recommend our snowkiting school Kite Legende (www.kitelegende.com) at col du Lautaret near the Serre Chevalier ski resort where Snowkite Sensation has its base camp. You will be able to train in one of the most famous European snowkiting spots as well as go on some nearby treks including in Italy which is only 20mn away from Serre Chevalier by car.

If you already are a kitesurfing addict, try snowkiting you will never look back. And there are so many destinations to discover, just sit back and let us book you the best Snowkite Sensation holiday of your life.