Private Tour

Exclusive private tour

Snowkite Sensation offers the possibility to organise private exclusive snowkite adventures. Decide the budget, choose the location and we will take care of the rest.

We will contribute every resources that Snowkite Sensation has to offer (flying our own instructors, all the equipment and a member of the Snowkite Sensation marketing team who will produce your very own memory video of your trip). Your instructors and the Snowkite Sensation team will assist you all along the way to ensure a smooth stress-free holiday. Before departing you will have access to the whole itinerary and organisation, fully modify-able at your personal request.

Get in touch, book your personalised adventure today.


77.8750° N, 20.9752° E

Contact us for a personalised experience in this remote location.

South Pole

90.0000° S, 45.0000° E

Be one of the very few to experience this unique adventure.


61.0137° N, 99.1967° E

Unbelievable Wilderness

Mount Fuji

35.3606° N, 138.7274° E

Explore Japan’s highest mountain in style.