Snowkiting During Winter

If you already are a kitesurfer, why not switch to snowkiting during wintertime? Snowkiting is very easy to learn and if you already master the kite you will master the snow in a heartbeat. Provided of course you also master skiing or snowboarding. It is way easier on flat land than on water as going upwind is a piece of cake. What you will need to learn is how to go uphill fast and how to master the downhill ride. Not such a big deal a few lessons will do the trick. Most kitesurfers have never heard of snowkiting. Huge mistake. Try it you will never look back.

We are the only Snowkite travel agent to focus exclusively on Snowkiting

Snowkite Travel Agent

We are the only travel agent to exclusively focus on snowkiting trips. All our current packages have been personally tested by the Snowkite Sensation crew. We aim to deliver unforgettable exclusive adventures. No matter what types of travel you need to plan, rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need for the perfect trip. We contract snowkite schools all over Europe in the aim to become the European leader for this discipline and make your snowkite adventures as professional and efficient as possible.

Decide the budget, choose the location and we will take care of the rest

Private Exclusive Tours

Snowkite Sensation offers the possibility to organise private exclusive snowkite adventures. Decide the budget, choose the location and we will take care of the rest.We will contribute every resources that Snowkite Sensation has to offer (flying our own instructors, all the equipment and a member of the Snowkite Sensation marketing team who will produce your very own memory video of your trip). Your instructors and the Snowkite Sensation team will assist you all along the way to ensure a smooth stress-free holiday. Before departing you will have access to the whole itinerary and organisation, fully modify-able at your personal request.



Weekend trips / week long / open all season from 11 Nov - 1 May

Our base camp in the French Alps is open during the entire winter season. The col du Lautaret is one the most famous spots in the world to learn and to practice snowkiting. It is 20mn away from the amazing and sunny Serre Chevalier ski resort (the fifth largest in France). Our instructors are world famous in the discipline and will make your first snowkite experience sensational.


Weekend trip. Available date: 31-3 February SOLD OUT

Etna is one of the few destinations in the world where snowkiters can kite up and down a volcano whilst enjoying a sea view. This spot offers a unique experience that the Snowkite Sensation team was supposed to test in late January 2019. Unfortunately, the volcano erupted…We are organising it again this season hoping that mother nature will stay put.


Week long Sometime in March/April 2020

Snowkite on Finnish Lapland’s frozen lakes and low mountains (altitude 800 meters) and enjoy the beautiful feel of the wilderness. The hotel is located at the heart of a natural park from where you will be able to kite directly from the hotel’s doorstep. Exotic treks guaranteed and perhaps you will be rewarded of your daily physical efforts with a spectacular light show, the amazing northern lights.


Week long. Available date 14-22 March

In our Norway spot you will be able to stay in a luxurious remote hotel where all the comfort of home will be available to you. Also get a chance to register to the Red Bull Ragnarok which is the biggest snowkiting event in the world in which 200 competitors head to the vast frozen wilderness of Norway’s Hardangervidda plateau, where conditions are perfect for a mass-start race of this type.

Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

7 to 15 March 2020 – 6 places remaining

Vitosha, is a mountain massif, on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Vitosha is one of the symbols of the country and the closest site for snowkiting. During winter the windy gaze hits the mountain almost every day, which makes the Vitosha mountain a great snowkite spot.

Why Snowkiting?

Unforgettable journeys. Breathtaking places.
We at Snowkite Sensation have been practising snowkiting/kitesurfing for over 15 years. From discussions with fellow kitesurfers friends, we realised a real interest in this unknown discipline. Creating a snowkite travel agent company would only increase awareness for this adventurous sport.   More…

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