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Italy, Etna Volcano

Snowkite season

A limited one!

January only

Level required

Good ski and kitesurf level

This is our only current destination not suited for beginners. Feel free to browse our other destinations


Mount Etna South face

The South face of the volcano provides better terrain for snowkiting 



Catania airport, Sicily. Plus one hour drive to the spot



Range of hotels depending on availability 

Other activities

Low wind conditions

Sicily is a beautiful Italian region with numerous activities and places to explore. Feel free to browse all other available activities down below

Kit rental

Available on location

All ski/snowboard equipment is easily available for rent and kites will be provided by the snowkite school


Qualified instructors

Pack description

Mount Etna is one of the few destinations in the world where kiters can snowkite up and down a volcano whilst enjoying a sea view. With an altitude of 3,340m, it is the highest active volcano on the European continent. This destination is the perfect trip for spontaneous weekends when the conditions are met. However, before venturing yourself onto a live volcano, a little experience in snowkiting is recommended. Our base camp in the French Alpes is the perfect place to take a few lessons !


Sicily as you would know is located quite far South from your usual ski resorts in the Alps or Scandinavia. Which means that unfortunately good snowkite conditions are not as frequent as in our other destinations. For this location the best option is to keep your weekends open and jump on a plane as soon as we give you the green light. We can only guarantee good wind and snow conditions one week before the trip date. Best time of the year to snowkite at this location is between the last two weeks of January. Making the window of opportunity quite small. However it is definitely a weekend you won’t forget!

Flights to Catania are very cheap and direct from:
Take me there !

Available dates

January only


At our Mount Etna destination, there are two options available. First one is to stay at the base of the volcano at the Refugio Sapienza on the South side of  the volcano so you are closer to the snowkite spot. However, you will be located in a quite remote location which will limit your options at night as it’s a 1h drive to Catania, 1h10 to Taormina or 1h30 to Syracuse.

Second option is to stay in Nicolosi town 20min from Etna. You will have to drive to the snowkite spot but you will be closer to other cities (30m from Catania, 50min from Taormina and 1h from Syracuse) if you wish to dine in nice restaurants and do a little tourism after your snowkite session. Depending on your budget we will make sure to book the best available accommodation.

In case of low wind conditions

Unfortunately, as you would know if you kitesurf often, the wind even in perfect and renown kiting spots doesn’t always pan-out. So we at Snowkite Sensation make sure that there is plenty for you to do in this unfortunate scenario.

You can always go skiing on Mount Etna on either the North or South side depending on the snow conditions. You can also hike up the crater with a guide (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe).

For more relaxed activities you can choose to visit the famous Roman amphitheatre in Syracuse (1h30 drive). Itis one of the best-preserved structures in the city of Syracuse from the early Imperial period.

Another must, is to visit the hilltop town of Taormina on the east coast of Sicily (1h drive). The town is known for the Teatro Antico, an ancient Greco-­Roman theatre still used today.

Package amendable upon request

Long Weekend

(4 days)

Gold package for two:
  • Car rental 3 days
  • 2 nights 3-star Hotel breakfast included
  • Snowkite guide 2 days + kites rental
  • 1 night 4-star hôtel in Taromina breakfast included
  • Premium skis
  • Complimentary surprise gifts
  • 24h advice on best bars and restaurants in the region
  • Multi-risk Insurance


TOTAL  INCL. VAT = 1500€


The closest airport to the destination is Catania airport, which is a 40min drive from the town of Nicolosi.

Gold package €€€

The Gold package is for customers who want to appreciate their snowkiting holiday alongside a full board tour of the country heritage. We will tell you where the best bars and restaurants are hidden, as well as the local attractions. This package combines both tourism and snowkiting. In addition, we will book you into nice hotels and you’ll get to enjoy little surprises from us at Snowkite Sensation.

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